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Beat The Game ReviewReview


Beat The Game
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Sandeep Henry / Tue 17th Oct 2017
55 views / 2 bites

A love child of Salvador Dali, Armin Van Buuren and Tim Burton

OVERVIEW Beat The Game is an adventure + music-making game that reeks of surrealism. The game's visual art is very original, clever and truly out of this world. It's not exactly challenging or fun to actually 'beat' the game, but the visual experience alone is more than enough to keep you engaged. It's almost disappointing that it got over so soon. The music-making aspect of the game is also interesting and fun.

STORYLINE Mistik the DJ - or the character you play as in the game - gets stranded in the desert when his motorbike crashes and breaks down. You must use your sound recorder to capture sounds from objects, other beings and abstract elements in this surrealistic world to create some sick beats. Become popular and there just might be a chance to get a ride out of the desert. 

GAMEPLAY Playing this game is fun mostly because you have no clue about what to expect from interacting with its world, wherever interaction is possible. The gameplay is quite linear and very short. It is a bit disappointing that the game had to end so quickly, because I had so much fun being in that universe that was obviously inspired by surrealist art, possibly of Salvador Dali's works specifically. Even though the ultimate aim of the game is to create music from sounds you record, the visual art aspect of the game steals the spotlight every single time. The music-making part of the game is not something that hasn't been attempted before in a game. So, it was not as exciting.

It was still fun to play around with the mixer to create music so that sand surfing giants and the polygon people would enjoy our music. Having pointed that out, there are still a few shortcomings that I would like to see improved or corrected. For example, there is not much to do in the game except playing with the recorder and mixer. Even that has its limitations. The stretch of the game world is too small for its potential. But then again, since it is a non-open world indie game, maybe I shouldn't have such expectations.

GRAPHICS It's obvious that I cannot stress enough about the abstractness of the visual art and the originality of it in a game. I would really like to see it extended even further in gameplay through adding new areas, elements, quests, sound sources, etc. But if the developers never intended it go beyond what it already is, then I cannot recommend this game for its replayability. In any case, the game has already made it's mark in the gaming world having won some awards for its visual art and sounds. Beat The Game is worth playing just to experience the visual artistry it offers. Character design and animations are quite the treat when playing the game.

AUDIO The sounds of Beat The Game are also something to be worth mentioning. If I have not given it much credit, it is only because it is often overshadowed by the visuals of the game. It does not mean that the music and sound effects of the game are not matching up to its visual counterpart. The visuals are just what drives the player to look for new sounds in the game. 

VERDICT Beat The Game encourages players to be observative of one's surroundings and to manipulate the elements to create something artistic out of it. I admire that in a game.

Beyond that, the game is more than worth playing at least once for its visual elements. 


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