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Bulletstorm ReviewReview


Game review on Xbox 360
Nathan Gallagher / Wed 3rd Feb 2016
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A fresh experience, with combat that turns away from traditional foundation of FPS's

OVERVIEW For far too long now game developers have been cashing in on mediocre FPS video games, copy and pasting near-identical releases year after year. Any smaller companies trying to keep up with this soon-to-be stale trend rarely offer anything far from what we already know and for the most part, have perfected.

But a while ago some developers decided they wanted to bring back that spark so many of us have felt between ourselves and first person shooters, and created a chaotic game called Bulletstorm.

STORYLINE Bulletstorm is set in the 26th century and introduces protagonist Grayson Hunt and his special black ops team as they explore the now mutant-infested once populated resort destination named Stygia.
After being set up by their General whilst on one of the teams missions, they must fight their way through the planet Stygia to get revenge on their manipulative leader.

I found the story wasn't very inspiring though it was solid and entertaining enough to have me push through to the end. But of course the combat was the focus of Bulletstorm and the developers definitely aced that aspect of the game.

I think all in all the writers delivered what was expected; an eventful, action-packed story that was fairly interesting and had enough twists to keep you playing for a good few hours.

GAMEPLAY Leash bad guy. Kick bad guy in to air. Shoot.
This is basically Bulletstorm in a nutshell, but it hardly gets boring. I found some of the NPC patterns were easy to memorise, meaning I was given a little mercy on a few of the more tedious levels.

Kicking enemies into Cacti, electrical lines, shooting them in their naughty bits or getting headshots. This and more will score you points through different combos.
You then use these points to buy armour, guns, ammo and more importantly charge shots; which with the right aim, will give you the ability to one hit just about anything excluding most bosses.

Although keep in mind that charge shots are expensive.

Bosses in this game were great fun, and some of the guns were very impressive plus with two separate Co-op game modes to play after the story, there's plenty more to do once you've torn up the main missions.

GRAPHICS Despite the odd texture not loading during a cutscene and the occasional frame rate drop, Bulletstorm looks beyond respectable for a five year old game.
Though I believe character movement could be quite jagged sometimes and there was too much happening on the screen at times leaving enemies difficult to focus on.

Developers have put a great amount of detail into the level designs, effecting in a very well executed interactive world, leaving this game with excellent game play and a terrific atmosphere.

AUDIO The guns sound powerful and realistic enough, while the grunts from enemies sound deep and aggressive.

The "F" bomb may have been a tad overused and it showed some very immature humour, but the voices used for dialogue complemented each character in a way that suits this game perfectly.

The music that was playing during almost all of the bosses was dramatic and engaging, but I personally think the soundtrack for most of the game could perhaps have had a little more put into it.

VERDICT I had loads of fun playing Bulletstorm, and it definitely has plenty on offer for any FPS fan, and Grayson's leash gives this game a refreshing but over-the top experience when compared to a traditional FPS
The story may be a little predictable and clich? for some people, but the creative "Kill with Skill" combat system made up for any dull bits through out the game.

It took me about eight hours to finish the main story. And even though Bulletstorm is a few years old now, I would still definitely recommend giving it a play through.


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