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Burnout Paradise Remastered ReviewReview


Burnout Paradise Remastered
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Nick Staunton-Mckenzie / Sat 24th Mar 2018
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Gimme Fuel Gimme Fire...

OVERVIEW Take me down to the big bright city, where the people don't exist and the cars are pretty, oh won't you please take me home. Burnout Paradise is back! With Burnout Paradise Remastered, this edition of the game is developed by Criterion Games and published by EA and is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

STORYLINE So you think you're the best driver? Well, in the world of Burnout Paradise you start at the bottom as you arrive in Paradise City. A place where the worlds best come to test themselves in races which almost always boil down to a game of high stakes bumper cars.

The story is very basic mid to late 2000's racing game, considering most of the dialogue goes like "Hey dude, do you wan to be the raddest racer around? Then take this car (free of charge of course) and smoke everyone in order to be the best!". Which - while I look back and cringe at the dialogue that was once considered cool - it really is a mostly solid story that fits the genre.

GAMEPLAY This is the part that everybody who got to play this game back in 2008 remembered fondly when this remaster was announced. Well, I can safely say that not much has changed about the gameplay in this remaster; it is still as hectic, fast paced, smooth, and fun as all hell. Because if it ain't broke, why fix it?

While the only improvements to the game have been the higher frame rate and resolution, as well as a new lighting engine, I feel that it doesn't really matter all that much because is almost exactly the same as it was when it originally came out.

GRAPHICS The graphics as with the gameplay have seen a small improvement in bringing it to the new generation, yet the game maintains the same style and feel of cathartic destruction.

What fans of the series will find in this game is the same fun filled winding roads, insane jumps, and ridiculous takedowns that we all enjoyed in the original while they are racing around to become the best. Or they can take a more laid back approach and take a lovely scenic route through the hills and beaches which really confirm the city's name of Paradise.

AUDIO The voice acting while perfectly fine for the time it was made, will make anybody who played the original cringe harder than watching a sex scene with your parents. The soundtrack is where this game really stands out; it is simply immaculate, featuring such artists as Twisted Sister, Airbourne, Jimmy Eat World, N.E.R.D, and of course Guns n' Roses' Paradise City leading the pack. This soundtrack sure makes it easy for the player to get lost in the world cruising around to some of the best songs ever.

VERDICT Burnout Paradise is a breath of fresh air into the racing genre, where everything nowadays is realistic and grounded in an almost a simulation state of mind, this game comes along and injects some much needed silliness to the mix.

Through extremely fun gameplay, an amazing soundtrack, and its own unique art style, Burnout Paradise is a great way to pass hours pulling crazy stunts, and competing in some of the most insane races ever.


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