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Dead Rising 4: Capcom Heroes ReviewReview


Dead Rising 4
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Nick Staunton-Mckenzie / Wed 24th Jan 2018
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Capcom Heroes is just what Dead Rising needed: a fresh yet fun addition to somewhat stale gameplay

OVERVIEW Frank West is back! After years away from the zombie killing games, he has returned - only this time, some strange force has bought all your favourite Capcom characters to one location for your zombie smiting pleasure. Dead Rising 4: Capcom Heroes is available now as apart of a new content update and is developed by Capcom Vancouver and Published by Capcom.

STORYLINE The story is pretty much the same over-the-top zombie killing fun that you received in the base game, only this time some unknown forces have imbued Frank West with the power to become some of Capcom's greatest heroes (like X from Megaman, Ryu and Cammy from Street Fighter, Jill Valentine from Resident Evil, and my personal favorite, Dante from Devil May Cry).

With that being said, Capcom Heroes injects a new sense of adventure and hilarity into a game which quite frankly tends to get boring after a while.

Watching somewhat serious character driven cutscenes while dressed at M. Bison really helps drive the player along the somewhat boring parts of the game, and the addition of costume challenges along the way really keeps this from being a game that you would only pick up once.

GAMEPLAY Gameplay is one of the sections that really sets this game apart of the rest, and being able to play as any of the 15 available characters really makes for some fun during some of the more boring parts of the game.

Every costume requires a different approach, for example as X from Megaman you can use range and bombs to blow the zombies away or as Dante from Devil May Cry (original series, not that horrid remake) you will use a more up close, personal, and snarky slice-and-dice approach to clear the hordes out of your way.

All around, the game has seen a huge improvement in the way that it plays. The vast differences in all of the costume really add a new dimension to the game and make it a whole lot more than just your typical zombie hack and slash.

GRAPHICS Graphically, Capcom Heroes is the same winter wonderland that the base game is, part holiday shopping paradise and part horrifying monster mash of mangled zombies akin to the early (and good) seasons of The Walking Dead.

Although, it is made better by the game giving you the ability to run around the zombie hordes dressed as Ryu and handing out Christmas presents in the form of Hadoukens, or as Zombie Frank West literally 'hitting on' the ladies, trying to get more than just their number.

AUDIO The Dead Rising series has never really been known for its audio, especially due to a lack of sweeping and atmospheric boss music and stage setting background music. This game really makes a good effort to set a stage for the player and make you laugh, but at least half the time it falls flat.

The injection of audio from other Capcom franchises brings new life to a game that for the most part drags along through the cliched "zombie game" tropes and non-engaging dialogue of the base game, and makes Dead Rising 4 a fun game to play. It brings music that makes all the challenges fresh and fun, and additional dialogue which pokes fun at all the seriousness that permeates through the other Capcom franchises.

VERDICT All up Capcom Heroes is exactly what the Dead Rising series needed - an interesting yet ridiculous addition which adds new elements to every aspect of the game. And amazingly, this new mode has (in my opinion) injected a fresh feeling, into what was, for the most part, a typical and fairly boring Dead Rising game.


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