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Destiny 2 ReviewReview


Destiny 2
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Sam Heatley / Tue 12th Sep 2017
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Destiny 2 feels like Destiny, only with a new coat of paint.

OVERVIEW Destiny 2 is the sequel to Destiny and continues to focus on Guardians and protecting their world. The emphasis is on exploration, yet, the story and gameplay fall short of expectations. From guns to gear, it all feels the same.

STORYLINE Ghaul, Emperor of the Red Legion of Cabal, has drained the Traveler of Light and Guardians of their power. The Last City has been captured and now it is up to you to gather everyone to take them down.

The lore of Destiny 2 is minimal at best. Everywhere you turn, there are vague answers from characters or brief descriptions that only lead to more questions. It is the definition of frustration when there is all this world building and the main storyline only takes a few hours to complete. While the delivery of the content has been different, it isn't enough to satisfy.

GAMEPLAY Destiny 2 still has many things to iron out. The team-orientated focus has shifted slightly, where you can now obtain high-level gear on your own. There are both daily and weekly public events on each of the planets that offer gear, engrams and weapons upon completion. Strikes aren't as fun as they once were. They are a mix of platforming skill and coordination with enemies now scaled to your current level. You lose a sense of accomplishment, as the time spent on gearing your character feels wasted.

The guns feel no different from one another. The only difference is the stats and this applies to your personal gear as well. They seem to lack uniqueness and this is apparent with the heavy weapons category. These guns are supposed to be powerful and by including Shotguns and Snipers into this category, it limits strategy and playstyle.

The higher you climb, the less you stand out as a player. By being locked into an initial default subclass, you are forced to seek out the other two subclasses in random drops. You should have been able to choose from the beginning of the game for which class you wanted to be; thereafter unlocking each as you complete them.

GRAPHICS Bungie has done well to create many uniquely detailed environments. Each planet is different from the last. It is a large improvement from the original Destiny in both quality and art direction. The cut scenes are gorgeous and will look even better once it is released on PC.

AUDIO There is a sense of epic with both the music and sound in Destiny 2. From the fast and suspenseful to beautiful harmonies, the music is rightfully matched to each environment.

The voice acting is great with Nolan North, Bill Nighy, Nathan Fillion and John DiMaggio making the cast come alive. Some of the lines are cheesy but these make the characters memorable.

VERDICT Destiny 2 is very middle of the road. It is a good game but hasn't done anything unique to truly stand out. The failure to focus on lore in such a diverse universe is the biggest letdown.


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