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Do You Remember... Fable IIIReview


Fable III
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Antony Stevenson / Mon 9th Apr 2018
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It's back to Albion in this graphic rich installment from the Fable universe.

OVERVIEW With the recent announcement of a new Fable being in development, the last installment was a good eight years ago. I thought I'd dig this gem out from the depths of my game collection and return to Albion. From the same studio and person that created Fable 1 & 2 came one of the most anticipated games of 2010, Fable 3.

STORYLINE Fable 3 is set in the beautiful world of Albion, the same universe that has been in the Fable series since Fable 1. Half a century has passed, and with the son of Fable 2's hero on the throne of Albion, a ruthless tyrant and dictator, you follow the journey of the King's sibling. After having to escape the castle, your heroic journey begins, slashing Balvarines, raising a family, as well as gaining allies and bringing about a revolution.

GAMEPLAY As gameplay goes, there have been some minor improvements to the likes of weapons and will powers. From your father, you are given what are called "living weapons", which change in appearance as you fight your way through groups of Hobbes or packs of Balverines. A nice addition to the combat system is the ability to merge together will powers, with the likes of Fire Tornados or Electrical Ice Storms (experimenting required). The only disappointment is that there are only a handful of powers in comparison to the other Fable games.

Fable 3, like the other Fables, still has the main focus on decision-making throughout the game, both affecting the appearance of your "living weapon" as well as your doggie companion; but the game has more a political taste, seeing as you are fighting your way towards the throne, making promises, shaking hands etc. The decisions that you have to make throughout the game, however, can be challenging - and there is no easy answer, which ever you choose, good or evil, there is still the question of what is right morally which I personally like about this game.

As you progress through the game, you earn guild seals which in turn you can spend on the "road to rule" by opening chests and unlocking new skills, will powers and upgrade your character.

GRAPHICS It wouldn't be a Fable game if it wasn't for the graphical art style that has been throughout the series. This cartoony storybook feeling that has been with us thought the games continues to impress and suck the player into its world. I personally enjoy the graphical effects from the powers, from the stylised lightning attacks, to the awesome high level fire "kill everything in sight" damage.  

AUDIO The audio and sounds scream out Fable from all angles as you play through the game, with the British humour that has always been there throughout the Fable games. with a star cast of Stephen Fry and Jonathan Ross and others gives it that extra Britishness.

VERDICT All in all, Fable III it is a great addition to the Fable universe and has some cool additions, the length of play, however, could have been made longer, (I was able to finish it  in about four days), but the replayability does somewhat compensate for the lack of story.


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