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Evil Genome ReviewReview


Evil Genome
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Nick Staunton-Mckenzie / Thu 19th Oct 2017
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To build a future, you must learn of the past.

OVERVIEW Welcome to the 23rd century, the world is not as it once was. The world has become heavily polluted, and as such humanity has been cast underground. Evil Genome is a 3D Metroidvania style game developed and published by Crystal Depths Studio, and is available now on PC via Steam.

STORYLINE The story of Evil Genome follows Lachesis, an augmented human (or so we think), who after a crash landing finds that she has no memory of who or where she is. Most of the story takes place underground in caves and tunnels, and has you interacting with what remains of humanity on this toxic planet.

The story feels drawn out and boring at times, which makes completing the game a chore instead of a joy. Though there are some high points, this reviewer personally doesn't feel that is enough to keep most players engaged.

GAMEPLAY The gameplay of Evil Genome is uninspired and quite frankly basic, it fits the mould when it comes to the Metroidvania style but really doesn't stand out in any way.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, it actually does all of the Metroidvania gameplay features rather well. The combat is solid, and the platforming sections feel as though they are there nothing special at all - just your standard Metroidvania platforming section, which is a shame.

GRAPHICS Evil Genome really gives off a feeling of Final Fantasy meets Castlevania. The characters all have a unique look to them which makes a game, which otherwise feels generic, stand out.

The game graphically comes across as polished. The environments (while most of the game takes place within underground caves) are brimming with detail and encourage the player to explore any and every possible avenue the game has to offer.

AUDIO The music of Evil Genome really comes across as just plain, and doesn't inspire the player to explore any of the good things this game has to offer.

The voice acting (at least for the English version of the game) is delivered with so little tone or emotion, that you could get better dialogue out of somebody in the middle of a deadlift (at least it would have more emotion). 

All around the audio in Evil Genome is just lacking, and could've benefited from more work put into it.

VERDICT Evil Genome isn't a bad game, though it isn't even a good game. Simply put it is a mediocre game. The gameplay and art are solid enough, but the story is boring, the dialogue and music are uninspiring, and don't add anything to the game whatsoever.

Best summed up, Evil Genome is a game of little give and a whole heap of take.


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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Nick Staunton-Mckenzie

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