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Fallout Shelter ReviewReview


Fallout Shelter
Game review on Android
Grant Hogan / Sun 15th May 2016
382 views / 3 bites

A fun, charming game that could've been great, but is let down by a lack of features and longevity.

OVERVIEW A surprise announcement at E3 2015, Fallout Shelter is a break from tradition of the series, with very little emphasis on combat or exploration, instead giving the player control of a vault and its citizens, or dwellers.

STORYLINE Not much of a storyline here, which is hardly a surprise considering the genre. Its does offer some charm, and funny dialogue at times, making it more personable than other games of its ilk. But with no main plot, or narrative, it's hardly the game's strong point.

GAMEPLAY Fallout Shelters is simple and accessible. With ahandful of citizens and a few caps (the in-game currency), you must build roomsthat cater to their needs. Power generators, diners, water treatment plants andliving quarters must be manned by your population to function, and juggling manpowerto ensure you have enough food, water and power can be tough. Throw in thethreat of Rad Roaches, Raider attacks and weirdly common spontaneous fires andyou'll be very busy early on.Sadly that's where the game peaks.  As you unlock more room upgrades and yourvaults population grows the difficulty actually decreases. After you've armedeveryone with your surplus of weapons and armor, the fear of outside threats basically vanishes.  After a few hours youwill find yourself with plenty of dwellers milling around doing nothing, andresources and caps aplenty.  Andunfortunately there just isn't enough depth to the leveling up system, or the  crafting, to keep drawing you back in. The much talked about ability to select who breeds in your vault sounds cool, potentially opening up another avenue to customise your population. And it's interesting, at least initially, but inevitably ends in a creepy, eugenics style breeding program, with the smartest and strongest being locked in the living quarters and pumping out babies non stop.There's no real exploration of the wasteland either, insteadjust the option to equip your citizens with gear and eject them from the vaultin search of caps and better equipment.

GRAPHICS Fans of the series will instantly appreciate some of thegraphical touches and the series is known for with nods to the fallout franchisewith the broken film reel effect loading screens the green Pip-Boy interfaceand menus, you know you are playing a Fallout game. Even your Citizens are drawnin the famous Vault Boy style.

AUDIO The sound obviously received a lot of attention from thedevelopers, not something that usually gets much attention in a mobile game.  From the thrumming industrial machinery tothe subtle and smooth fifties jazz and big band music playing on the cracklygramophone, the sound design excels and helps make for a surprisingly immersiveaural experience.

VERDICT Fallout Shelter is a decently fun time waster thatthankfully avoids the pay to win model that plagues the genre. But it's a storyof missed opportunities.  No multiplayer functionality at all is a glaring omission and something that could've really given the game somesorely needed depth and replayability. It's a slickly presented title butultimately shallow, and that's a shame.


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