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For Honor ReviewReview


For Honor
Game review on Playstation 4
Aman Shekhar / Wed 1st Mar 2017
235 views / 5 bites

"Peace? That isn't how the world works."

OVERVIEW For Honor is a breath of fresh air in the fighting genre, and one that was desperately needed. 

STORYLINE The warlord Apollyon has taken over Ashfeld and is now commanding the knights of the Blackstone Leigon and has a sole purpose, to weed out the weak and separate the wolves from the herd. "The Warden" helps in fending off a Blackstone attack and is recruited by Holden Cross, Apollyon's Lieutenant. Hellbent on chaos and war, Apollyon orchestrates an attack on Valkenheim, the land of the Vikings. The Blackstone Legion leaves only enough supplies for one Viking faction leaving them on the brink of war. On realising what they had done, The Warden and Holden Cross desert the Blackstone Leigon.

The story now turns towards Valkenheim. The aftermath of Apollyon's raid has been catastrophic. The Vikings are slaughtering each other over scraps of food. A  warrior known as the "Raider" aims to unite Vikings under the banner of Warborn. With the aid of Stgandir, Runa and Helvar, Raider kills plunderers Ragnar and Siv. With the rapidly growing Army, Raider retakes a Warborn stronghold from the knights and hammers the first nail in Apollyon's coffin. Following this, Raider sets out to pillage the Dawn Empire of the Chosen, home of the Samurai to feed the Vikings. The Samurai are outnumbered and overrun. Apollyon kills the Empire's ruler and Daimyos who refuse to turn on one another and leaving only the ones who would.

Amid all the chaos, the Emperor's Champion Orochi emerges. seeking to reunite the Daimyos under one banner. The mission? To bring and end to Apollyon and what she started. Now allied against a common foe, The Champion, Holden Cross and The Warden storm the castle of Apollyon. Orochi barely manages to outsmart Apollyon, kills her and learns that Apollyon's sole purpose was to set everyone in a state of eternal war.

The war between the factions was inevitable and it rages for several years. All the three factions finally realise that an attempt at peace may be futile, but it is something worth fighting for.

GAMEPLAY The game is divided into three factions, Knights, Vikings and Samurai with each of them having four classes. Each class has a different role. All the heroes have a unique skill set and weapons. 

For Honor offers a whole new dynamic to the fighting genre. Timing and stratergy are of the essence. Players need to block, parry and strike precisely to take down the enemy. A few mistakes and you'll have your head on the ground. 

The user must choose one of the three factions and partake in the online faction wars. There are a lot of game modes to choose from ranging from 1v1 to 4v4 matches. 

Although fun, the gameplay feels linear and lacking in depth. The multiplayer matches can quickly turn into a snowball of overpowering enemies if a player dies or disconnects. Steel, the in game currency, is rewarded sparsely after battles and makes progression an uphill climb.

GRAPHICS For Honor is aesthetically pleasing in all aspects. The melee combat is polished with hardly any stutters or drops in FPS.

The attention to design and detail behind the main warriors makes the game engaging and a delight to play. Although the environment is not it's strong suit, it is still very well designed. For a game set in medieval times, the colour palette is striking to say the least.

AUDIO Nothing feels quite right in this department. The dialogue is subpar and way too repetitive. Soundtrack could have been much better and the voice acting is mediocre.

VERDICT For Honor is a  melee combat game second to none. Although the story feels like a glorified tutorial, it's not that significant for a game which has multiplayer as its bread and butter.

If you're looking for a more complete single player experience with a good storyline, its better to look elsewhere. 

On the other hand, if you're  looking for rewarding fights leading up to badass executions, have the patience to master warriors and have a stable internet connection, For Honor is the way to go.


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