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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood ReviewReview


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Movie review
Sharna Barker / Mon 29th Jan 2018
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A classic anime series that grips you easily.

OVERVIEW Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is one of those anime that everyone must watch. It's a classic with an intense plot, memorable characters, and mesmerising music. After the completion of the manga in June 2010, Brotherhood was made as a straight adaption of the manga. 

STORYLINE Brotherhood has a deep plot that grips you in the first few episodes. You're introduced pretty quickly to the central theme of the series - Equivalent Exchange. Edward Elric and his brother, Alphonse Elric, searching for a way to gain their limbs and bodies back after they tried to transmute (revive) their dead mother. While fighting Homunculus, Lust, Envy, and Gluttony, they discover a nation-wide conspiracy about the higher echelons of the military.

CINEMATOGRAPHY The animation in the series is produced by Bones. The movement is smooth, especially during the fight scenes. There's a lot of blood and gory imagery within the series and it's easy to feel the damage as the characters hit and slash at each other. 

The background is also something to note as well. It's done a beautiful painted style that blends in with the environment. The elements and background look beautiful, especially at the mountains in the north at Briggs.

AUDIO One of the outstanding points of the series is the relationships between the different characters. You feel very clearly Ed's guilt about Al's situation and how he's willing to do anything to get his body back, along with how close they are as brothers. 

Roy Mustang's close relationship with his team is also easy to see. He relies on them heavily for his plans and whenever they're hurt or in danger, it's clear to see how much it affects him, especially when it comes to Riza Hawkeye.

Most of the original cast of the 2003 anime came back to do Brotherhood and it's good to see them come back and to do their familiar roles. Romi Park as Edward is a perfect choice as she puts passion into all the emotional lines making you sympathise with all the hardships he's been through. Another stand out is Kenta Miyake as Scar, whose powerful voice perfectly portrays Scar's internal battle of getting vengeance for his people or letting go of his hatred.

DIRECTION While the writing, animation, and voice acting is already amazing, the soundtrack tops it off and completes the heavy direction of the series. From 'Trisha's Lullaby' to 'Mount Briggs ~Overture~', each track captures the scene and emotion that's behind it. It makes each emotional scene hit that much harder. 

Each part of Brotherhood plays it's part to make sure it's an emotional series that's beautifully animated and written. With the humour that also plays its part in the series, it's an extremely well made series that has a lot of care put into it.

VERDICT Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a series that will stand the tests of time as an extremely well made classic. Fans of anime and non-fans alike will enjoy the tale of sacrifice and military intrigue as the characters work through their emotional struggles and try to save the world. 


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