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Hitman Review - Episode 6Review


Hitman - Episode 6: Hokkaido
Game review on PC
Christopher Jarvis / Sun 5th Mar 2017
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Hitman returns to its usual format - luxurious locations, high security, and corruption in the ICA.

OVERVIEW After the major reveals throughout the previous episode, Hitman Episode 6 - Hokkaido brings the plot to a head. Agent 47 visits GAMA, the hyper-exclusive private hospital and resort in Japan, which often bends the law to provide the best treatment to its wealthy clients. The targets are Yuki Yamazaki, a member of the mysterious Providence; and Erich Soders, the director of 47's agency - the ICA.

STORYLINE Spoilers for previous episodes!

The story of corruption and war within the ICA is not a new one. More than one of the previous Hitman games are based around Agent 47 working against or outside of the agency, and the Enemy Within novel lists multiple figures on the board of directors who are clearly involved in illegal or immoral practices. But with the introduction of Providence, the Hitman universe's very own Illuminati, this story is quite different.

Erich Soders, the director of the ICA is admitted to the GAMA hospital for heart surgery he cannot afford. 47's handler Diana believes this is only possible due to Providence, and deduces that Soders is the mole in the ICA. After consultation with the board, Soders is marked for assassination along with Yuki Yamazaki, another Providence member.

Episode 6 takes the semi-formed story from the previous 5 episodes and turns it into something intriguing, especially with the help of the final cutscene. To reveal much more would be a disservice to the incredible plot.

GAMEPLAY Agent 47 is tasked with killing the director of the ICA, Erich Soders, and Providence member Yuki Yamazaki. There are multiple ways to go about this, and some of the coolest Opportunities yet. Soders is in surgery for a heart transplant, which leaves him open for the surgery to be hijacked, or for the right-sided heart he's relying on to be destroyed. And there are so many more ways to skin the metaphorical cats in episode 6, with saunas, heart attacks, and cable cars.

And yet, for the most part, there are very few places you can go without a disguise or disposable scrambler, and weapons or disguises are hard to get at first. It certainly steps up the difficulty and increases creativity, but that doesn't change the fact that the first few minutes are mostly spent waiting for someone to move to the right spot.

GRAPHICS GAMA is a beautiful place with a breathtaking backdrop. The snowy mountains that the resort and hospital are built on are a sight of their own, but the prettiest location may well be the gardens in the middle of the map.

For the best views, I recommend the balcony of the high security private rooms, or starting the mission as a ninja on the hiking trail.

AUDIO Koto and pipe music drifts through the resort areas of GAMA, reminding you that you're in Japan. But in the hospital areas, a complete lack of music, the mechanical hums of machines, and the occasional beeping of instruments sets the scene well. And over all of it, the artificial voice of KAI is truly believable as an AI running operations throughout both the hospital and the resort. In each area, the scene is set so perfectly and so, dare I say, realistically.

VERDICT Since its release, Hitman Episode 6 has stood out from the rest among players and journalists alike for its gorgeous resort, fantastic gameplay, and that final cutscene. It's clear from start to finish why this particular episode is a fan favourite and a great ending for a great season.


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