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Leo's Fortune ReviewReview


Leo's Fortune
Game review on Xbox One
David Hull / Sat 19th Dec 2015
752 views / 10 bites

A beautiful game wrapped up in a tiny little package.

OVERVIEW A popular little title from Sweden originally released in April 2014 for Smart phones, has now been expanded to PC, Mac and Console. Leo's Fortune is a side scrolling platform that focuses on being as intuitive and charming as possible.

STORYLINE Leo's fortune has been stolen! He writes his wife a note and sets out in search of the thief who stole his treasure. The plot does expand upon this through small intervals that allow Leo himself to detail, in his ageing Mexican Accent, thoughts and suspicions as to who stole his fortune and why.

The narrative is soft and easily digestible, providing a tidy little moral that isn't overbearing. Perfect for a youthful audience.

GAMEPLAY Movement for Leo is silky smooth as he doesn't have feet or hands, he simply glides up down left and right as needed. Controls are kept very simple with puzzles mostly making use of your ability to play around and problem solve with small variations, dependent on the environment. For instance, to reach a ledge from the water, Leo must sink down to the bottom, then launch upwards and onto the ledge.

The puzzles aren't particularly challenging which can be good and bad. Someone looking for the next Super Meat Boy would be wise to keep on searching, but parents will see the benefit in not having a game that causes their child to throw a tantrum.

The game is very short with only five Acts, holding four levels inside each Act. Once your journey with Leo is over, Hardcore mode unlocks, granting you but one life to go as far as you can with. Not a mind blowing addition but trickier than it seems and adds that extra bit of life to the game.

GRAPHICS Leo's Fortune is both beautiful and graceful with each act having it's own theme from forests to snow. Leo's Eastern European accent and thick, bushy moustache are easily identifiable whilst locales are lovingly designed with only minor occasions of repetition.

Leo and his furry buddies are fluffy, cute and very reminiscent of the Sootballs from Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away. Leo puffs out and wobbles organically, a pleasing touch to a simple character.

There is no violence here, the worst you can witness being some spiky objects that will simply cause Leo to express his discomfort upon contact, before resetting to one of the many checkpoints.

AUDIO Leo himself is fairly chatty. His intermissions between certain levels allow him to, as mentioned, describe his journey so far and his thoughts on where he may go. During the level, stumbling upon and solving puzzles will cause him to speak, noting his suspicion of a trap nearby, how complex something may seem, or patting himself on, back, for progressing.

The soundtrack isn't forceful, simply filling the background space as it needs to whilst providing an enjoyable ambience to your travels.

VERDICT Leo's Fortune is a great game for all ages. It's short and sweet, not over staying its welcome, but also providing a complete quality production to be proud of.


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