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Let Them Come ReviewReview


Let Them Come
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Nick Staunton-Mckenzie / Thu 19th Oct 2017
114 views / 3 bites

Like Rambo - if he were trapped in a spaceship's corridor.

OVERVIEW Aliens have invaded and completely overrun this spaceship, so in this time of need, we turn to you, Rock Gunner. You are our only hope to contain and then clear this invasion.

Let Them Come is a fast-paced pixel art shoot 'em up for those with twitchy trigger fingers. It was developed by Tuatara Games and published by Versus Evil, and is available now for Xbox One and PC.

STORYLINE The story is rather simple, you are Rock Gunner, a hard-witted gun for hire and all around manly man capable of crushing a beer can by snarling at it. You find yourself trapped on a spaceship with no other survivors and wave after wave of alien scum who are intent on turning your head into their new nacho dip bowl.

The story unfolds over five chapters each, with more challenges than the last. Other than that, it doesn't have much more storyline to it other than there are aliens which you must either kill or be killed by.

GAMEPLAY Let Them Come's gameplay is truly a case of less is more. It's basic in its design, yet immensely fun when put into action (I guess there's something really fun about mowing down alien hordes). The action goes from zero to one hundred in what feels like milliseconds, as the waves of aliens begin to pile up.

The progress is easy enough to follow - beat waves of aliens, get currency, obtain upgrades to make you deadlier than John Rambo in a paintball match, and slay all manner of different beasts. Easy enough, right?

GRAPHICS The pixel art style really adds to the quirky 1980's over-the-top fun feeling that this game shoots for.

While some might argue that Let Them Come is an ugly game. I would recommend that those people play this game, and are able to see that this art style is a deliberate throwback to the old style of arcade shoot 'em ups (which to be honest are still great fun to play right now).

AUDIO Let Them Come has a surprisingly large selection of original upbeat 8-bit songs which have a rock 'n' roll feel to them. The soundtrack makes mowing down hordes of aliens a blood pumping and exhilarating experience, to say the least.

Rock Gunners' dialogue is spot on and delivered expertly by the voice actor (in the few instances that he ever speaks).

VERDICT Let Them Come is an insanely fun game, that while it had no immersive storyline, it more than makes up for that by providing fast-paced, balls-to-the-wall combat which rewards the player for surviving waves. Let Them Come offers up an oddly satisfying gallery of aliens to tangle with.

This game is serious fun for those looking for a small yet challenging game to either pick up and play sporadically, or unload countless hours into disposing of all the alien scum.


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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Nick Staunton-Mckenzie

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