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Little Nightmares ReviewReview


Little Nightmares
Game review on Xbox One
Nick Staunton-Mckenzie / Tue 2nd May 2017
225 views / 3 bites

If you go down to The Maw today, you're definitely in for a surprise

OVERVIEW Little Nightmares is a single player fixed perspective, horror puzzle-platformer from Swedish developer Tarsier Studios and publisher Bandai-Namco Entertainment for PS4 Xbox One and PC.

STORYLINE Little Nightmares follows the journey of "Six", a nine-year-old girl trying to make her way out of "The Maw"  an isolated island hotel. Throughout every location Six's journey, she will have to outsmart and outrun various adversaries on her path to freedom.

GAMEPLAY The gameplay of Little Nightmares works great with the story, encouraging exploration of the levels in order to not only to find your way to freedom but uncover more on the story of what "The Maw" really is.

The only problem I have with Little Nightmares' gameplay is that sometimes because of the fixed camera, running from enemies can lead to death when you slide into a wall instead of the hole you were aiming for.

GRAPHICS Little Nightmares looks absolutely stunning. There is so much small detail in every environment and background of the game.

Little Nightmares relies heavily on its' background storytelling, subtly hinting certain things to the player without smacking them in the face with a cutscene every five minutes. So much work went into the design of each character to show that everyone is different.

For example, the janitor is blind but he has a greater hearing and smelling range that help him find yo with his long arms. The chef has the ability to see, smell and hear you but cannot run fast making out running him easier. All of the characters in Little Nightmares are different and call for a different strategy to pass their areas.

AUDIO The soundtrack of Little Nightmares is perfect, it changes from environment to environment, situation to situation, constantly playing with the players' emotions. I haven't played a game in some time that has literally raised my heart rate the way that Little Nightmares' soundtrack has.

Little Nightmares has little to no voice acting aside from singing here and there. Instead of enemies saying something like "there you are!" or "I've found you!" when an enemy has spotted you they will make a distinctive sound that will make the player think to themselves "Oh crap!" (or some other phrase along those lines).

VERDICT Excuse me if I am gushing nothing but praise for Little Nightmares, but this game is just that good. The narrative and soundtrack I believe is enough to make anyone fall in love with it, not to mention the beautiful art style throughout the game.

If you played Little Nightmares and came out with more question than answers well don't worry, there is a comic series being released on the 3rd of May 2017 which will tie in with the game and shed so more light on the story and answer whatever questions the player may have.

I think that Little Nightmares hits a home run with how it does everything it set out to do. There are some flaws but overall it is a terrific journey from bottom to top.


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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Nick Staunton-Mckenzie

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