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Metal Gear Survive ReviewReview


Metal Gear Survive
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Nick Staunton-Mckenzie / Tue 13th Mar 2018
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Metal Gear Survive is an attempt at reinventing the series that has no creativity and falls flat.

OVERVIEW Your mission, soldier, is to venture into Dite, A harsh and mysterious place filled with strange monsters, landscapes, and talking robots. Metal Gear Survive is a new spin-off survival game developed and published by Konami, Metal Gear Survive is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

STORYLINE In Metal Gear Survive you play as a nameless protagonist who died during the assault on Motherbase seen at the end of Metal Gear Solid V.

Then for some unexplained reason, you are brought back to life because you are infected with something that will turn you into a Wanderer (zombie), then sent on a mission to Dite (an alternate dimension where any nonsensical plot has escaped to) to save a previously stationed corps and somehow stop the Wanderers crossing into our world.

All up, this game's story is probably the most uninspired and boring story that the Metal Gear series has ever had. Everything from the nonsensical alternate dimension storyline, to the pseudo-zombie outbreak subplot, feel as though they were simply thrown together at the last minute and just doesn't feel right for the series.

GAMEPLAY If you came into Metal Gear Survive expecting the same classic Metal Gear gameplay, one where have you been during the marketing for this game? Two I'm sorry to say but this game is like someone made a bad Metal Gear/Day Z mod but left out all the interesting characters.

The game really suffers an identity crisis. Is it trying to be Metal Gear? Is it trying to be a generic zombie survival game? Nobody knows because it's buried under hours of mind-numbing cutscenes and unengaging gameplay, which does nothing but keep fans from the game that they love.

The base building is drawn out and boring, the zombies themselves are more of an inconvenience after the first 20 minutes of actual gameplay, and the survival mechanics are more of an annoying alarm screaming in your ear than a fun gameplay mechanic.

GRAPHICS This is where the game shows just how unoriginal it really is, everything from the environments to the characters themselves has simply been copied and pasted from Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain and have seen little to no improvement.

While there are no horrible aspects of the graphics, it just feels like the developers were simply phoning it in and were somewhat creatively stifled and lacking any direction that would propel the series out of Hideo Kojima's rather eccentric shadow.

AUDIO The audio, while somewhat different (with the Wanderers using shrieks instead of cringeworthy fluff dialogue), still feels like a cheap knock-off of the main series game (Metal Gear Translucent if you will).

The voice acting, as seems to be the case in all the games in the series, sounds as though it were delivered with the urgency of a mid-January tax return. The characters show no emotion and this just comes across as though even the voice actors didn't want to make this game.  

VERDICT If you are looking for a fun multiplayer zombie style survival game to play with your friends, do yourself a favour and don't get this game.

Everything about this game is underdeveloped and quite frankly not fun at all. The game feels like it was released as a way of Konami to try to stick it to Hideo Kojima, and say, "we don't need you to make a great game" (when really when was the last time they made a good game) and thus it makes the game drag on like a sled being pulled by a pack of two-legged dogs.


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