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Monster Hunter World ReviewReview


Monster Hunter World
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Nick Staunton-Mckenzie / Wed 28th Feb 2018
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Monster Hunter World takes the concept of an open world, and flips it on it's head to make a GOTY

OVERVIEW Grab your oversized swords and your trusty cat side kick, as you prepare to enter a new world filled with beasts great and small.

Monster Hunter World
is an open world console addition to the long running mostly handheld Monster Hunter franchise. Developed and published by Capcom, Monster Hunter World is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

STORYLINE The story follows a silent protagonist which you can name (my hunter is named Sexy Snake, because of his model close resemblance to Metal Gear Solid's Snake), as they travel to the New World as a part of the Fifth Fleet, hot on the trail of Elder Dragon Zorah Magdaros.

Monster Hunter World does an amazing job of crafting an interesting story, which complements the addictive gameplay. The story excels by pulling the player into the world with nothing but questions, monsters, and well paced answers mixed with overarching mystery, which ultimately drives the player deeper into this untamed world.

GAMEPLAY While the gameplay is somewhat stunted and rigid at times, the game really makes you think about every movement you make while in battle. However for the most part, the gameplay between battles is rather immersive, providing the player quite a lot of fun side activities such as fishing, trapping, and befriending the felyne locals.

A focus that not many people may have noticed, is that in this game there is an actual living ecosystem. By that I mean each area within Monster Hunter World is different, with its' own creatures and monster populating and contributing to it in their own way. The world literally lives and breathes around you and your actions, truly making it feel as though you are in a real place, where you get an adorable cat companion.

GRAPHICS Aside from the occasional frame rate drop here and there, the game is near flawless (which is something I might be saying a lot this year). Each section of the map has it's own independent look and feel to it along with interesting monsters to tangle with.

As in previous entries in the franchise, the weaponry is ridiculously over the top and the armour is just as absurd as in previous games. The palicos as with many people are my favourite part of the game, mixing the cuteness of a cat with the badassery of a weapons wielding sidekick.

AUDIO Whether you are in the heat of battle, or running around the hub world, the music of this game is top notch. Other than that Monster Hunter World leaves much to be desired because of its' lack of ambient world music.

While it helps to improve the player become more immersed in their surroundings, it really leaves a huge hole in this game that could have been filled with a world building soundtrack that could really accentuate this awe-inspiring world.

VERDICT Monster Hunter World has (at least) this early in the year, set itself up as a serious contender for Game Of The Year. With beautiful living environments, engaging gameplay, a terrific battle soundtrack, cats, and literally hundreds of hours of content (my household is already has a combined 80+ hours of playing).

This game has taken the idea of an open world with hours of content, flipped it completely on its head and made a sweet armour and weapon set out of it.


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