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Nick Staunton-Mckenzie / Sun 4th Feb 2018
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Nantucket is an injection of fun into an otherwise boring and monotonous genre

OVERVIEW Come aboard for adventure and murderous revenge, as we set sail on the seven seas in search of the elusive White Whale, Moby Dick.

Nantucket is a new seafaring strategy game from developer Picaresque Studio and publisher Eagle Fish.

Nantucket is available now on PC via Steam.

STORYLINE Set several years after the sinking of the Pequod in the novel Moby Dick, you play as Ishmael (if you choose not to use your name), as he tries to gather a ship, crew, and resources needed to hunt and kill the ever-dangerous White Whale Moby Dick.

The story isn't really a huge part of the game, it's more like an end-game goal: get a large ship, stock it up, kill the damn White Whale, go home and enjoy some tea by a whale oil-powered lamp.

GAMEPLAY Nantucket really gives off a fresh and fun vibe to a somewhat stagnant and boring genre, no matter what scenario you happen to find yourself in on the seven seas.

The real fun is in the gameplay of which there is a lot, whether it be sailing the open sea represented by the 1800's looking nautical map or by completing the Dungeons and Dragons style turn-based combat against various hostile sea creatures and pirates. This game provides you with countless hours of fun and complex gameplay, which will keep you constantly thinking about how you will get your revenge.

GRAPHICS The game has a very unique art style, which feels as though it was hand drawn back in the 1800's. All of the menus are clear and easy to read while looking like they have been in a captains quarters for several years and the whole game presents to the player a clear view of how and what to do, making this a true micro-managers dream.

This art style fits really well into the feel that the game was going for, making the player feel like you are actually a whaler from Nantucket who has been plotting his revenge against that ill-tempered White Whale for years.

AUDIO The soundtrack is just as you would expect from a seafaring game about hunting Moby Dick, enough sea shanties and accordion solos to make even the most seasoned sea dog proud.

Aside from the music of the game and the excellent voice acting delivery of Herman Melville's Moby Dick at the beginning of the game, Nantucket's ambient sounds such as wave crashing into your ship, storms, hurricanes and other ocean sounds add an oddly immersive aspect to the game which others in the genre just can't match.

VERDICT Nantucket is an injection of fun into an otherwise boring and monotonous genre filled with what feels like copy-and-pasted games. It tells an interesting story which expands on the classic Herman Melville novel, and provides hours of additional fun sailing across the dangerous seas filled with seemingly murderous sea life and pirates.


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