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Overwatch Beta ReviewReview


Game review on PlayStation 4
Sam Heatley / Sat 28th May 2016
246 views / 5 bites

Choose a hero and play among chaos in this fast paced online shooter.

OVERVIEW Blizzard's newest game is bursting with quality characters and fast paced action.

STORYLINE Overwatch is a multiplayer first person shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The open beta has held nothing back, allowing every aspect to be tested: maps, characters and game modes. The game has also shown it will take some skill to master.

Set in the near future, "Overwatch" was an international task-force that was formed to protect humanity from the rise of robots and artificial intelligence. Once the crisis was over, the team remained as a peacekeepers for other incidents. Then it became disbanded after rumours of conspiracy and corruption turned people against them.

It would be great if this game had a simple story mode. The cast of characters and their back stories have so much potential, that it hurts to not have it included in game. They have chosen to focus on the multiplayer experience and their choice to not include a story mode is understandable. Instead it can be later marketed through comics and other merchandise.

GAMEPLAY The beauty of this game is the variety of characters available. There are 21 different heroes, each with their own play-style and role. The four roles are: offence, defence, support and tank. Each hero has a skill level, indicating how easy they are to use.Mastering them is the key to winning. Switching characters is encouraged as the opposing team is constantly evolving their strategy based on the objective of the match. Being able to fill multiple roles means that you understand the enemy and can destroy them.

While playing, I experienced no lag or disconnects which was surprising for a beta. This is promising for a game that relies on quick reflexes and a decent connection. Overwatch may only have three game modes, but, the amount of maps available and their layouts changed the pace of each mode considerably. Hopefully, in the future,more modes will be added to prevent the game from becoming stale. The control scheme is great and can be remapped for every character, an added bonus. Blizzard also needs to be mindful when balancing characters. They must not rush on player feedback and adjust as they see fit for the game.

GRAPHICS The cartoon style graphics are highly polished and have the classic Blizzard game charm. Each character is unique in both style and personality, with options to customise them as you acquire more collectibles. The maps themselves are simple but fit the theme of the game. Blizzard haven't attempted to push the boundaries with Overwatch and have focused on the experience instead. 

AUDIO With chaos comes plenty of noise in Overwatch. Lasers, explosions, guns. All of this is on top of a nice soundtrack with commentary from characters and other players as well. It can be a lot to process for those not familiar to the online gaming scene. Thankfully, players can be muted or the chat channel can be left if it all becomes a bit too much.

VERDICT Blizzard has managed to create a game that is filled with a cast of unique characters backed up with well rounded gameplay. For an online shooter, it is fairly balanced with advantages and counters for each character. All the characters are likeable and it makes it tricky to pick a favourite. Blizzard has another potential winner on their hands and needs to make sure they listen to the community, otherwise only the dedicated few will support it.


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