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Pudi ReviewReview


Game review on iOS
Clinton Raethel / Sat 1st Apr 2017
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Tetris crossed with Tron

OVERVIEW Pudi is a clean and crisp endless arcade game that at its core is all about matching colours. With simple and easy to learn mechanics combined with neon graphics and an electric soundtrack, Developer Jambav's first foray into mobile gaming is a solid one.


GAMEPLAY Providing a modern take on Tetris, the aim of Pudi is to match colours and shapes to beat high scores. You have a 2x2 grid of four dots at the bottom that can be rotated with a swipe, and the top two dots in the grid swappable with a double tap. The goal is simply to match the falling dots with the top two dots in your grid - this, of course, gets harder the longer the game goes on.

Pudi is designed for one handed play and feels very tight - games are fast and frantic as you try to get the dots exactly where you want them. Quite often I've gotten my swipes and taps mixed up resulting in game over, however with such simple mechanics it never feels unfair. Restarts are only ever a tap away too, meaning you can jump straight back into the action with minimal stuffing around.

In standard gamemode you are matching colours, however there is also a colour blind mode that swaps out the dots for shapes. Unfortunately, each shape is still surrounded by an outer circle and doesn't feel as easy to distinguish as it should be. I was hoping a combination of colour and shape would help my own scores, but I ended up sticking with the standard mode as it was less confusing. That said those who are colour blind may have a different experience.

GRAPHICS Containing ultra-neon colours against a black background, Pudi feels very reminiscent of a Tron-like universe. Colours pop and are incredibly sharp, fitting this style of game perfectly. The interface is also very minimal helping with the whole aesthetic.

AUDIO The pulsating techno soundtrack is full of energy and compliments the gameplay very well. As you subconsciously tense up trying to match the dots the music lifts in tempo to match, resulting in a nervous on-edge feeling as you try to get that last move in before the dots collide. The sound effects are few but very clean and unobtrusive and also fit very well. 

VERDICT Pudi is a very well-designed arcade game both in terms of gameplay and interface. It's elegant in its simplicity, pairing simple mechanics with polished controls to provide an experience that is equally rewarding as it is frustrating. 

There is a very real chance however that it may get lost in the sea of endless arcade apps out there. I don't believe Pudi does anything new or exciting enough to differentiate itself from the others, but keep in mind what it does do it does incredibly well. Plus it's free, so definitely worth a look - and let your competitive streak or OCD do the rest.


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