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Rise of the Tomb Raider ReviewReview


Rise of the Tomb Raider
Game review on Microsoft Windows
Aman Shekhar / Sun 19th Mar 2017
203 views / 4 bites

Are you ready to "Make your Mark"?

OVERVIEW Rise of the Tomb Raider is a sequel to the 2013 video game Tomb Raider, a reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise. One would think that Tomb Raider 2013 was a masterpiece but somehow Crystal Dynamics has outdone themselves with this gem.

STORYLINE The story continues from the previous instalment. One year after its events transpired, Lara Croft finds herself suffering from PTSD as she had to kill in order to survive. Chasing immortality (the Divine Source), Lara turns to her late father's research on a lost city of Kitezh. She is warned by Ana that Kitezh was what brought doom upon her father. In her quest, Lara is interrupted by Trinity- an ancient order of knights turned paramilitary force seeking what she seeks.

Trinity has a dominating influence and has taken over several bases. Lara is outmatched and heavily outnumbered until she happens to meet Jacob, leader of the Remnant. United against a common enemy, Jacob and Lara fend off Trinity's attacks. Meanwhile, Lara's friend Jonah is captured by Trinity and suffers fatal injuries.

Lara takes Jonah to Jacob and who miraculously heals Jonah and is revealed to be the "Deathless Prophet" mentioned in the legends of Kitezh.

With Trinity on their tail, Lara is forced to enter Kitezh and runs into the 'deathless ones', the guardians of the city. She then realises that the immortality comes with a price- sense of self. The immortals know of nothing but protecting Kitezh. Lara reaches the Divine Source and retrieves it from the hands of one of the Trinity leaders Ana and smashes it killing all the deathless ones and hence ending Jacob's immortality. Lara also discovers that her father was murdered by Trinity.

Jacobs daughter Sofia has now taken command of the Remnant. Lara questions Ana if she killed her father and Ana denies it but informs her that she had orders from Trinity to kill him. Before she could reveal more information, she is shot dead by a Trinity assassin but Lara's life seems to have been spared for the moment.

GAMEPLAY Rise of tomb raider is a third-person action-adventure video game. The game has complex puzzles, platforming and engaging combat as its bread and butter.

The game features a crafting system allowing players to craft arrows and grenades. Crafting requires resources which can be found by scavenging the vast world of Tomb Raider. 

The game environment is so beautiful you will often find yourself admiring it. It comprises of a day and night cycles and the environment react accordingly. 

As is customary with most action games, you have the option to take the stealthy route or go in all guns blazing. The game certainly equips you with more than enough options to go along with your unique playstyle.

GRAPHICS Crystal Dynamics once again produces something of the highest order. The environment is flawless and the snow effects contribute a lot towards it as the game has a snowy backdrop. Visuals are crisp and the cutscenes are a significant improvement from the last title. There is a little bit of frame drop, stuttering and tearing once in a while but nothing which threatens to become serious.

AUDIO The voice actors have done a fabulous job of making sure that the players get an immersive experience. Everything from the main soundtrack to the ambient noises is spot on.

VERDICT Tomb Raider 2013 set the bar very high and somehow Rise of the Tomb Raider gallivants right over it. 

Although the story is very generic and somewhat predictable but it is fun. The gameplay is very linear and the progression system isn't very rewarding but apart from that, the game did not give me a chance to complain. 
Whether or not you are a Tomb raider fan, if you like third person action games, Tomb raider will live up to your expectations and with the story ending on a massive cliffhanger, the sequel can't come soon enough.


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