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Snake Pass ReviewReview


Snake Pass
Game review on Nintendo Switch
Sharna Barker / Mon 17th Apr 2017
92 views / 2 bites

Ssslither your way along with your best friend.

OVERVIEW Snake Pass is a new puzzle-platformer that has you playing through the eyes of a snake. You're forced to move, think, and act like a snake as you make your way through level after level. It's a challenge that'll leave you sssmiling with delight!

STORYLINE In Snake Pass, you play as a snake named Noodle. He's awoken one day by his hummingbird friend, Doodle, who tells him someone's attacking some 'gates' in their world. Your job from there is to make your way through various levels, find out who's been attacking the gates, and stop them. 

Snake Pass definitely has a bare bones plot, but since it's a puzzle-platformer, the story's not the thing drawing you in. The characters have personality, and Noodle's lazy aura has a certain charm to it.  

GAMEPLAY Gameplay is where Snake Pass really shines. You're forced to think like a snake from the get-go and slither your way to the gate at the end of the level. You coil up bamboo ladders to climb, grip things tightly to reach precarious places, and even swim and dive into water. Doodle can also help you out by lifting your tail. 

The game does a good job of teaching you all the moves in the first couple of levels, however mastering the techniques can be a challenge. You need to learn how to multitask between gripping,  moving, and lifting your head up so you don't accidentally fall.

The puzzle aspect of this game will have you scratching your head sometimes as you work to figure out how to climb a certain ladder, or how to collect something without falling to your death. It will take you a bit of trial and error before you figure out the answer but, aside from some lost progress each time you die, you're not punished too badly.

There are plenty of collectibles in each level, such as jewels (for the gate at the end of the level), orbs, and coins. The coins are the hardest to find and reach within the level and the orbs are scattered throughout as something to collect on the way through. 

GRAPHICS Snake Pass was built in the Unreal 4 engine, therefore it looks very clean. It likely looks more detailed on the Play Station 4 Pro and other systems as well, but it still looks good on the Switch. Noodle's scales look smooth and scaly, and Doodle's feathers are iridescent and shiny. The water, grass, and trees are all pleasing to look at.

The game overall is a bit less detailed when it's in tablet mode on the Switch, but it's only slight and doesn't diminish the experience. Of course, it'll look better when on a large TV and the Switch is docked.

AUDIO The soundtrack in this game is composed by David Wise, who has worked on other games such as the Donkey Kong Country series, and more recently Yooka-Laylee. The soundtrack provides a nice backing for the game and captures the atmosphere of the jungle-themed levels well. It's very bouncy and each level's track will have you head-bopping along as you slither your way through to the end.

VERDICT Snake Pass is an interesting new game that has clean graphics, nice music, and a fun new way to play. Playing as a snake provides an interesting challenge that will keep you occupied for hours.


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