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Sniper Elite 4 ReviewReview


Sniper Elite 4
Game review on Playstation 4
Jared Prestwidge / Wed 22nd Feb 2017
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A true test of your mettle, and the power of a one-man army at your fingertips.

OVERVIEW Just when you think murdering Nazis has become stale, along comes Sniper Elite 4 with its solid and polished gameplay. This game is sporting a series of missions that are sure to test your methodical nature and prowess for warfare.   

STORYLINE In Sniper Elite 4 you control U.S. agent, Karl Fairburne, who is dropped into a war-torn Italy in 1943 to assist the Italian resistance against the Fascists of World War II. 

World War II has been a setting for fantastic stories in movies, television and games, but that is not the case for Sniper Elite 4. 

There is a laid-out end goal that Karl pursues, but his motivation is not a personal one, which leaves him a very one-dimensional character. The secondary characters also leave much to be desired. 

The most interesting story aspect of the game are the numerous letters Karl finds out on his missions. They offer a brief look into the lives of the German soldiers you brutalise throughout the game, and gives you an insight into the harsh reality of war.

GAMEPLAY Patience is the name of the game in Sniper Elite 4. Karl has a wide array of destructive weapons at his disposal, however the sheer amount of enemy soldiers occupying the map will overwhelm you if detected. 

It's an experience that makes you truly feel that it's just you up against an entire army. In order to defeat your enemy, you will have to spend extended periods of time hiding to plot your next move, or lure stragglers away one by one to pick them off. 

The game makes you earn your victories, and there is no better feeling than clearing out an entire patrol of soldiers undetected.

The hallmark X-Ray kill cam makes a triumphant return, and it's just as satisfying as it's always been. Coupled with that is a very smooth playing experience. 

Whether you're climbing up surfaces, lining up your shot or using rocks to get an enemy's attention, controlling Karl becomes second-nature very quickly. 

The mission areas are significantly larger than previous installments, giving you free reign to choose which task to tackle first, as well as countless ways to carry them out. 

GRAPHICS While not reaching the graphical height of games like Uncharted 4, the terrain you traverse is undeniably beautiful. 

Whether you're hunting in the jungle or an Italian cottage, the environments work together with the audio to immerse you into a run-down, lived-in world. 

Although the environments are impressive, they aren't particularly memorable, or offer anything to the World War II gaming genre that hasn't been seen before. The face models are a massive improvement over Sniper Elite III, giving the solid performances from the cast added life. 

AUDIO The audio in Sniper Elite 4 is one of its greatest strengths. Every time you pull the trigger it packs a punch, and the sound of bones breaking and organs spluttering as you enter the X-Ray kill cam never got old. 

You can also use the sounds in your environment against your enemy. Planes flying over head or busted generators can mask Karl's shots, leaving your prey scrambling in fear and disarray. 

VERDICT Sniper Elite 4 elevates itself beyond its ho-hum storyline to deliver a challenging and rewarding gaming experience. The game is catered to how you want to play, and regardless of your path, you're sure to have a blast. 


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