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Speedrunners ReviewReview


Game review on Xbox One
Nick Staunton-Mckenzie / Tue 13th Jun 2017
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Speed bumps not included

OVERVIEW Speedrunners is a multiplayer side-scrolling racing game, developed by Double Dutch Games and published by Tiny Build Games. Speedrunners was initially released on browsers in 2013, and has now been ported to Xbox One as a part of June 2017's Games with Gold lineup as of June 1st, 2017.

STORYLINE Speedrunners storyline consist of nine races spread among three stages.

The story follows Speedrunner as he encounters a new antagonist, what follows is a few lines of cheesy sixties camp dialogue and a break neck, fast-paced race through a track set in a certain theme.

Speedrunners' story may be viewed by some as thin by some players, but I believe it is to the point and as fast as the races it consists of. The story never feels like it's dragging on - instead, it's fresh, fun and filled with enough puns to fill a beginners open mic night set.

GAMEPLAY Speedrunners' gameplay is (as the title entails) all about speed. Being the fastest is key to winning, but that's not all. Dodging obstacles and the other players is the only way to keep your place at the front of the pack and making sure not to find yourself at the edge of the frame is paramount to victory.

Speedrunners' fast-paced, edge of your seat gameplay is not only great use of the games limited mechanics, but also is a blast to play. The game kept me on my toes around every bend, the craziness that is the multiplayer had me both cursing and applauding the other players as we all raced around the track carefully planning where to drop our traps to get a better edge on the competition.

GRAPHICS Speedrunners has a sixties camp comic art style. The art style really makes it stand out from other side-scrolling race games and coupled with the gameplay and music, it really nails the tone the game aims for. 

The character design appears as though the game was formed around the character names - and the design followed. The characters are; Speedrunner, Hothead, Unic, and Gil. The player can tell them apart immediately upon first glance.

The level design in Speedrunners is impressive, with each track boasting a theme, be it a power plant or a theme park. The backgrounds of the tracks are as unique as the tracks themselves, and no two stages are the same. This ensures that the player would never get bored, as the variability in the tracks will keep them on their toes.

AUDIO Speedrunners keep up the sixties theme that the story and art are set. The soundtrack is upbeat and jazzy which sets the tone for a fun all out win at any cost race through interesting and fresh environments. 

VERDICT Speedrunners is a fun new take on an old genre. The fast-paced hectic atmosphere that this game has, makes it a joy to play. The music and art style add a different dimension to Speedrunners, with a colourful design and engaging gameplay. I suggest that everyone picks this game up and plays it for a fun alternative to the current releases. Speedrunners is free for the month of June through games with gold on Xbox One or through the Xbox store for under $20.


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