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The Evil Within 2 ReviewReview


The Evil Within 2
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Nick Staunton-Mckenzie / Sun 22nd Oct 2017
110 views / 4 bites

Welcome back to the nightmare - welcome back to STEM.

OVERVIEW The nightmare is not over, STEM is back and this time it's larger than you could ever have imagined. The Evil Within is back after three years to take players on a nightmarish ride through the human psyche; as this time Sebastian must travel to Union to save his daughter. .

STORYLINE The story is a perfectly paced emotional journey that sees Sebastian struggle with his inner demons and past failures in the beginning of the game. By the end it sees him come to terms with his past and slowly returns to the old badass Sebastian we all love.

The Evil Within 2 rolls smoothly off of the first game, resolving the loose ends left behind and leaving some answers untold in hopes of being answered in the inevitable DLC.

GAMEPLAY While there are some gameplay features that have carried over from the first game. The Evil Within 2 has done what all great sequels do.

The Evil Within 2 kept the combat of the original and has added some great features such as a robust crafting system which rewards players for exploring Union, new stealth mechanics which introduce the ability to set traps (as well as dynamic cover), and an improved upgrade tree which trims a lot of the fat from the first game.

GRAPHICS Graphically The Evil Within 2 is a major improvement on the original game (probably because Tango Gameworks built a new engine in order to make The Evil Within 2). The monsters feel scarier, the environments feel worth exploring, and the lighting engine makes the game look as though you are watching a movie.

The Evil Within 2 is a game that has been made with the current state of Survival Horror in mind. Creating visuals that would gradually build fear at a steady pace, instead of just doing jump scares every five steps is a welcome change for fans of true horror.

AUDIO Not only does this game have music that makes the player paranoid around every knock and bang, but it also builds expertly through each level and really creates an atmosphere of fear and terror. The voice acting in The Evil Within 2 is some of the best you will find in the Survival Horror genre.

VERDICT It's a great sequel in every sense - the gameplay, audio, and overall graphics have seen a major improvement. 

The story started out like it was going to be another jump-scare-filled "horror" game, but very quickly turned into an emotional journey that had me laughing, hiding in fear, and by the end almost crying.

The good news for myself and other fans is that judging by the loose ends that were left behind, this is not the end of The Evil Within story. At least for now.


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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Nick Staunton-Mckenzie

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