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Torment: Tides of Numenera ReviewReview


Torment: Tides of Numenera
Game review on PC
Kaylee Rodgerson / Thu 2nd Mar 2017
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Torment: Tides of Numenera has finally been released and fans will not be disappointed.

OVERVIEW With over $5million pledged and over three years of development, inXile Entertainment's dedication has finally paid off.

STORYLINE The player begins as a cast-off the Immortal One, a powerful being that inhabits human hosts to remain alive. With absolutely no idea of who this cast-off is, players must explore the Ninth World, hunting for clues as to who or what they are.  

GAMEPLAY Torment plays more like an interactive storybook rather than a typical role-playing game. It has an open dialogue-feel for choosing your own adventures. Players can alter their paths and affect the story progression entirely; giving countless possibilities and endings.

Combat can feel extremely dull after a while, as it's turn-based which can become frustrating when faced with enemies one after the other. The interesting part about combat mode is that you have the option to talk to the NPCs you're in combat with. Not a fan of violence? Talk 'em out of it. Bribe 'em. Ask 'em on a date (just a joke, folks). It's up to you.

GRAPHICS The graphics are gorgeous - aside from some funky characters. The maps are utterly delightful and are guaranteed to make you want to explore every inch of it (you may even find couple of shins to spend at the 'ol meat market). 

The framerate can be a bit average when exploring maps, however it's all-round unnoticeable. Loading screens have phenomenal artwork based on different locations and almost distract you from how many of them you encounter.

AUDIO Of course, for any RPG to keep you engrossed, scene setting audio is a must. Torment's soundtrack does just this. Pretty much every aspect of the game has a different audio track playing to suit the environment you're in. 

Voice acting is kept to a minimum, unless you interact with an important NPC who will let off a few sentences before going back to non verbal, text communication. Unfortunately there's not really an option to skip these random lectures which can be annoying if you're a fast reader and have skipped through most of the written dialogue before the NPC has finished talking.

VERDICT The absolute highlight of this game is just how delicious the style of gameplay is. A complete throwback to the kind you would encounter in titles like Diablo II and Balder's Gate that came out over a decade ago; it's slow, it's simple, it's very fun, and sometimes very funny.

Of course, like a lot of games, Torment: Tides of Numenera has its downfalls. Too many loading screens, annoying combat modes, weird lookin' dudes. But overall, the game is stellar, and backers of the Kickstarter will be pleased to know their money has gone towards something that'll keep them entertained for hours.


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