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Troll and I ReviewReview


Troll and I
Game review on PS4
Nick Staunton-Mckenzie / Wed 5th Apr 2017
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OVERVIEW Troll and I is a new third-person action-adventure game from developer Spiral House and publisher Maximum Games for the PS4, Xbox One, PC and later this year Nintendo Switch.

STORYLINE Set in 1958 Scandinavia, the games follows Otto, a young village boy. Out hunting one day, he returns to find his home on fire and his injured mother telling him to flee to safety. Escaping into the wilderness Otto meets a troll, a magical creature believed to be a myth told to children by their parents to keep them in line. They decide to team up to combat the hunters sent to capture the troll, and in turn, save their home.

GAMEPLAY Troll and I is a third person action-adventure,with straightforward puzzles that require both Otto and the troll working together to complete them.

The combat in Troll and I is clunky and it's often difficult to defeat even the most basic enemies.The camera is too close to the character, often making viewing the world difficult with Otto and even harder with the larger troll.

The game is also plagued by too many quick time events. These don't add anything to the game, instead just serving as a faster way to move you along the world and one step closer to yet another non-engaging cut scene.

GRAPHICS The world of Troll and I looks great and feels like a graphic novel, similar to the look of the State of Decay series. Unfortunately, this doesn't extend into the design of the characters, with their rendering quality looking like it belongs with last generation consoles. The stationary animations of the characters sometimes jump from textured to smooth rendering at a constant rate, depending on how long you stand still.

AUDIO The soundtrack of Troll and I is the highlight of the game. The ambient music really sets the tone for each stage; combat music brings the duller parts of the game to life and engages the player to fight to the death. The voice acting is sporadic; some characters have lines delivered with a purpose making the scene engaging for the player, yet Otto's jarring accent travels across Europe over the course of the game.

VERDICT Troll and I is an ambitious game, with good intentions, but lacking in many areas. Combat is a chore and the story telling so slow to build, that most players will mentally check out. If this game had been brought out during the last generation of consoles it may have passed muster, but for the current generation, it just doesn't belong. This would have been a stronger game if the developers had taken the time to smooth out all of the rough edges.


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