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Uncharted: Lost Legacy ReviewReview


Uncharted: Lost Legacy
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Kaia Wallis / Sat 2nd Sep 2017
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Lost Legacy has everything we've come to expect from an Uncharted game.

OVERVIEW Set after the events of Uncharted 4, Lost Legacy has all the makings of an Uncharted game: Breathtaking level designs, grappling hooks, intricate puzzles and epic takedowns- all it's missing is Nathan Drake. Luckily, this doesn't matter- we have Chloe Frazer, a worthy successor.  

STORYLINE Uncharted veteran Chloe Frazer takes centre stage in Uncharted: Lost Legacy, recruiting renowned mercenary and former villain Nadine Ross, who still has it out for the Drake boys, to help her. Together the two venture to India to track down a legendary artefact in a short, but sweet storyline that clocks in at about eight hours.

The main storyline is well done, although there are parts where Nadine's and Asavs motives feel inconsistent. Despite this, Lost Legacy does a great job at fleshing out its characters. And as someone who didn't take to Chloe originally, I found myself deeply connected to her story. This isn't to discount Nadine, who has more than made up for her villainous stance in Uncharted 4. And although at times she feels misplaced, the friendship that grows between the two feels real - and the surprise cameo towards the end makes this even better. 

GAMEPLAY Lost Legacy places you in an open world sandbox for the first half of the game, but follows a more linear approach in the later chapters. You can expect waves of mercenaries, military vehicles, and helicopter takedowns. While these aspects are expected in an Uncharted game, they do feel a little more repetitive here - but I can't say it didn't feel satisfying beating up the bad guys with Nadine. 

The world is small but full of things to do, and I found myself wanting to explore it. There is no shortage of treasure, and hunting for it is exciting - especially when surrounded by the breathtaking level design. Exploration truly feels like the true purpose of this game to me, and the way the characters interact with their environment is astonishing. 

Mechanically, the game plays the same as Uncharted 4; climbing is smooth, and combat is fun. However, a bigger emphasis is placed on stealth and the level design leads the player towards using less violent measures. Of course, you can ignore this and just go in guns blazing - the point is, you now have a choice.

GRAPHICS I think Chloe's words can sum up the graphics of Lost Legacy pretty well, "holy godamnshit". Personally, I will never get over how mesmerising the backdrops of Uncharted games can be, and while the already established photo mode makes them more compelling - it's the inclusion of Chloe's phone as a photo device that incorporates photographs into the storyline in a natural and realistic way.

AUDIO The voice work is enthralling and believable, and the main characters all sound distinct and memorable. Claudia Black, in particular, provides an emotive and wonderful performance as Chloe delivers witty comebacks with ease and drawing the audience into her backstory when needed. The soundtrack is composed by Henry Jackman, who also worked on Uncharted 4, and does a great job at eliciting emotions in the audience at crucial times. 

VERDICT Lost Legacy is a must play for Uncharted fans, and at this point, I'm starting to wonder if Naughty Dog will ever make a bad game. Chloe Frazer makes for a wonderful protagonist,with all the wit and charasima we could hope for. And if there's one thing Lost Legacy proves, it's that Uncharted can continue without the infamous Nathan Drake. The question is, will it? 


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