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Wartile ReviewReview


Game review on PC
Nick Staunton-Mckenzie / Wed 7th Jun 2017
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Wartile is a great RTS game, harkening back to the table-top games of old.

OVERVIEW Wartile is a real time strategy RPG developed and published by Playwood Project. Wartile is available on Steam Early Access for $20 USD, and was released on the 17th of March 2017.

STORYLINE Wartile has no main storyline; instead, it has a series of quests that you must complete. Each quest has an individual story behind it and certain objectives for the player to complete. A lot effort has gone into crafting special stories for each quest; avoiding repetitive game progression is always a great thing in the RTS genre.

GAMEPLAY Wartile is an RTS game like few others, doing away with the standard turn-based system. It feels smooth by imposing a movement limit when exploring, and using cooldown time on every turn so that the player cannot spam moves. Combat is much easier than other RTS games, in that your character can attack freely and most of the enemies will advance on your characters once they are alerted.

Wartile has the normal RPG progression and customization system of games in this genre, and the quest layout is nice and simple as well. Once the tutorial has been completed, you can visit the map in the game hub and from there you can select a new quest to embark on.

All up Wartile takes some risks, but at the end of the day they all work out in the game's favor; everything works together well and makes it easy for anyone to pick up and play.

GRAPHICS Wartile feels like you are playing a table-top RTS, much like you would find set up in a board game shop. Detailed environments and carefully crafted character models all add to the feel Playwood Project is shooting for. Environments change depending on which quest you choose, as well as the enemies within these environments.

Wartile's character customization is more detailed than it appears at first glance; a plethora of weapons varying from close to ranged combat, as well as clothing options, make the player take the time to carefully plan loadouts for the quest at hand.

AUDIO Wartile has the usual soundtrack you'd expect from a game with a Nordic fantasy setting. This is not a bad thing; the music complements the game and adds to the atmosphere in every quest.

VERDICT All up, I think that Wartile is a fun game that is easy to pick up and play. It's still in Early Access, so a work in progress which should be amazing once the full release comes out. If you like 3D RTS board games then Wartile is the game for you, and at $20 USD it is properly priced for all to enjoy.


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